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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday Greetings to My Mother

Wishing a very happy birthday

to this sweet little babe who is now 4 score and some years old.

She is....

...one marvelous mother (birthed eight children, six girls and two boys)
Laughing it up with my sisters
My sisters and brother at the beach in Northern California
Saying goodbye to my grandma and two cousins (the two boys in the back)

.....a wonderful wife (been married to my father for over 62 years)

....a stupendous sister (is the oldest of three girls).

...and a fabulous friend (has friendships lasting many decades)



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our beautiful momma! (I've never seen the baby pic or the one of mom, Donna, and Colleen as kids!)


Packet of Seeds said...

Do I have some treats in store for you! Just you wait.

Judy said...

You got a great collection! I just got a new scanner so I am ready to catch up to you Karen. It is amazing how much Mom looks like herself even as a baby. So cute Mommy