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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneak a Peek Week 6: Bulbs Are In..Almost!

I am happy to report that the bulbs are in---well, almost!

I spent all day Saturday digging, placing, and burying bulbs throughout my garden. This has been a long process and I am relieved to see the floor of my garden shed once more. I still have just a few more to plant....

Let's take a peek....

Here is the bed in the front yard where impatiens bloomed last spring/summer/fall. Over two hundred white tulips (Maureen) are tucked in the dirt here:

Narcissus, freesia and crocus have been planted near the lavender, iris, roses and succulents:

And hundreds of daffodils and tulips planted in pots:

I have more tulips and daffodils to plant in the backyard and then I am through. Phew!
While most of the country is covered in the white stuff or the ground is frozen, I am thankful I live in a place where the dirt is dry and pliable enough that I am still able plant my bulbs.
I look forward to spring when the "blossoms" of my labor will bloom....let's hope they bloom!


GwennyMac said...

Holy cow...who needs to go to Keukenhof when we can just go to the Zensius' house!?

Susan said...

Wow, I can't WAIT to see the result!

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