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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My One (and only) Claim to Fame

Undoubtedly you've heard.

Apple just came out with their newest gadget,
the iPad...

Mr. Rockstar Steve Jobs is plastered all over the news...

My one and only claim to fame is....

Steve and I went to high school together, shared several classes and graduated in 1972!

Here he is decked out for his senior picture:

It was probably the last time he wore a suit.

The last time I saw him (in person) was about 28 years ago at our 10 year class reunion. He greeted me with, Hi Karen! I felt "so special" because he was a celebrity then, but only worth in the millions.

Now, he is even more famous but worth billions.

He would not remember my name today.

Steve's long, dark, straight hair would fall across his eyes as he walked the halls of Homestead High. That walk was very distinct. He had a long stride, with a bit of a bounce, and would "bob" his head , sort of like a chicken.

Steve's crowd of friends were very smart- "nerds" to be exact. I remember Richard Menendez and Tim Brown were two guys that hung out with Steve. They all took the advanced math and science classes. I remember we were in the same Algebra II/Trig class --that is where we parted ways in the Math department.

Steve, (far right) as a freshmani is a member of the Electronics Club.

Up until the last semester of my senior year, we had a closed campus. School started at the same time for everyone and everyone had to stay on campus for the whole day, including lunch. At lunchtime, most of the students would gather in the quad. Each "group" had their spot to eat.. Steve and his friends would sit on the half wall in the north east corner of the quad to eat their lunch.

Could it be possible that the very beginning of the first Apple computer was invented right there?

I think I will suggest to the school that a plaque be installed which says:
"Steve Jobs ate lunch here".


Judy said...

Yes.....everything you write is true. I remember his walk and his cool hair. I don't remember math club and such but he would most likely remember you Karen because his mind is like a computer. You look very much the same.
Have an iDAY!

sister, JUDY class of 73

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