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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Office With A View

I happened to have my camera at work today
and thought I'd share some pics of the spot in the corner of the world
where I sit between the hours of roughly
10 ish (usually more ish than 10) and 6:30ish
on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Over the years, I've seen some incredible sunsets glowing through this second story window:

Notice how the parking lot continues to glisten from the moisture.

Here I am taking a picture of the reflection of me taking a picture:

I'd show you more, but my desk is not in the utmost tidy form.

Maybe, after a bit of straightening and cleaning, I'll reveal more.

I do work in a wonderful place...you should see the limestone/marble tiled bathroom and the granite counter topped kitchen with cherry cabinets. So sweet. On top of it all, it is less than a mile to work--I can walk it in 10 minutes, that is, if I choose to do so,


I work for the kindest person on the planet.

Can't ask for anything more.


GwennyMac said...

Nice Karen!!! (I'm in a cube with beige walls and a view of an engineer who never smiles...relish the view of some greenery!)

Jeanette said...

I must agree... you have an awesome boss :)!