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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Bit Bummed

I am a bit bummed today.

I stepped on Mr. Scale and he told me something I wasn't expecting. His arm pointed to a high number. I weigh more than ever..more than when I was 9 months pregnant. How can that be?

I really don't like you, Mr. Scale.

I have been working out regularly for several years. I joined the Y about a year ago, and added 2-3 days to my workout. I have been trying to be careful of the food that crosses my lips...I have eliminated soda from my diet (OK, I admit, I have snuck a few)...and in spite of all that, I am "rewarded" with this high number? You want high numbers at the Olympics, not when you step on Mr. Scale.

Wouldn't you be depressed? Why is it when I work out, I gain weight? I know muscles weigh more than fat. I know I've gotten rid of some of the fat. I feel so much better and stronger. I've reduced the rolls around my waist . So why do I weigh so much? I don't think I can attribute it all to crossing the border into Menopauseland.

I am so discouraged.

I have responded by slicing through the water during my workout with a bit more drive. I am also trying to be more efficient with my technique and I am also swimming farther..last week I swam a mile, a first for the year!

I have never had to diet. I don't know how. And anyway, diets don't work. Do all those people on the Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers diets really keep the weight off? They might lose it but it comes right back when they start eating real food again.

I like food too much, good healthy food and I refuse to starve.

So..to combat my disappointment and frustration, I've decided to keep a hefty distance between me and Mr. Scale. Currently, he sits under the sink in my bathroom, but not for long. A new home is in store. Sorry Mr. Scale, we are parting ways. You are not my friend. My eyes will not meet your digits. .... we are so very through.

So there, Mr. Scale, good riddins!


Natalie said...

I understand how you feel. I NEVER thought a bit about weight, until now. On my third pregnancy, I feel



(and puffy).

the good news is that some of it will go away, but the reality is that I will have to work to get the rest to go away.

Yes, throw away Mr. Scale. I read in "French Women don't get Fat" (or something like that) that they don't even bother with the scales.

GwennyMac said...

Just a reminder...muscle weighs more than fat!

I agree with you and Natalie...don't get on the scale! You work out...you're healthy and active...and you look fab! Don't stress on a number.

Packet of Seeds said...

Thanks to you both--forget numbers!

Janet said...

Karen- YOU are so beautiful! It is the light in your eyes that people see, it is the big heart your have, it is the laughter and it is the goodness of your soul that is much more important than any number on a scale. If I assigned a number to all of those beautiful traits you would read as a 10!

Judy said...

I am happily online. I never own scales since they always are wrong...or they are cold...and you stub your toes on them. I am impressed that you swam a MILE. Wow Karen, keep it up.