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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pitter Pat

This morning after I came home from working out, this is what I saw out my back window:

And this is what I saw out my front window:


The heavens have burst and the rain poureth forth.... all week I hear.

I am so happy.

The lightening and thunder during the night didn't bother me a bit..

Especially since I was nestled snug and warm under the covers.

My bulbs are soaking it all in.

Oh, how the Sierras must be blanketed with the white powder!

I can't wait...

I just can't wait... to go skiing.

...love it...love it...and love it....

This song from my past is whirling in my head:

Pitter pat, pitter pat, it's a rainy day
I'll dress up, snug and warm,
And go outside to play.
I'll get my coat and bumber shoot,
On each foot I'll pull a boot,
Get my gloves and,
Grab my hat and go out in the pitter pat.

It is now time for me to go to work...

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