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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Cat

We have a cat. Our cat is black with hints of brown in his fur. The cat has no name. Well, not entirely. Adeline wanted to call him "Lindsay" but we refused to call a male cat a girl name. Over the years we have tried to name him. Sometimes DZ calls him "Buddy". When we want the cat to come inside, we call "here kitty, kitty, kitty. Maybe we can say his name is "Kitty". Since the cat is 5 years old, and pretty fat, the name "Kitty" doesn't quite fit. Nevertheless, he does respond when you call him "Kitty". I have considered calling him "Noname" but that really doesn't sound very good. So we just end up calling our cat "The Cat".

The Cat loves to have his head scratched. He is pretty fat--because he eats too much. He eats gourmet cat food i.e. "Fancy Feast" and IAMs dry cat food.

I love listening to his purrr while he sits on my lap. There is such a calming affect to the sound of a cat's purr. He purrs until he falls into a deep sleep. Then he starts to snore. Have you ever heard of a snoring cat? I haven't.

The Cat prefers to drink water from a running faucet.

The Cat has gotten so fat, he is no longer able to get up on the edge of the sink, so somebody picks him up and places on the sink so he can drink.

He can jump down....

....on his own

The Cat likes to perch on high spots. Such as a plant stand....

(maybe he thinks he is a plant)

or on top of the fence.

or on top of a box..

The Cat has his favorite spots in the house to sleep. He discovered this old wood box--and loves to sleep in it.

I thought we could start calling him T-Pak, the name on the box. But Sophie and David think that sounds like the name of a rapper. I don't see the cat as a rap(per).

Sometimes he finds a particular sock/underwear drawer open and nestles in.

I know, the top of the dresser is in desparate need of a dusting

And other times he will find the lone piece of paper on the floor or rug to plop his body down to sleep.

He is an interesting beast I must say.

The Cat likes to be around people. If I am out in the backyard, the Cat will come outside with me.

If I go to the front yard, he will follow me.

He likes to climb trees and he sometimes gets stuck. It is pretty funny watching him manuever his fat body down the tree. He can also climb ladders.

The Cat is constantly licking and preening himself. He could be walking along, and all of a sudden, he stops, sits, and licks--oblivious to all that is going on around him.

Can you tell we love our cat? Well, we do.

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Adeline said...

some of those pictures are really creepy.