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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Glimpse In the Rear View Mirror

I'd like to take a brief glimpse and reflect on my life in 2009:

1. Most memorable moment: The moment Sophie and David crossed the threshold of the sealing room in the Oakland Temple melted my heart. I was so overcome with joy to see the pure happiness in their faces. Sophie was glowing. I am grateful they found each other. I am grateful David was raised by such wonderful parents. I am grateful how David adores my daughter. I am grateful they made the choices in their lives that brought them to that ethereal place on that rainy day in May... who could ask for anything more?

2. Biggest accomplishment - Well, I really can't take credit for this one--but I would say putting on Sophie's wedding reception would be tops. The credit first goes to Martha. She was the engine behind the entire event. She was "my wedding planner"--from creating a "photo wall"; to baking and frosting a gazillion shoe cookies; to setting up tables in the rain; to buying bamboo, frames, sign-in books, white paper globes; to arranging for a rental company; to arranging for a gardener; arranging and arranging--the list is very long. Next is my friend Heidi who took care of the food. She is I N C R E D I B L E. And then next to her is another friend, Jeanette who created the most beautiful wedding cakes. She is a master and is so creative and is so talented. Plus she makes the most deelish cake I have ever tasted--ever. And then I have another friend Jenny who helped me with Sophie's dress and three of the bridesmaid dresses. She saved me big time. She is why I bought a Babylock serger. And another friend, Anita who did all the flower arrangements, bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres in addition to hosting a shower for Sophie. And then I have many other friends (Patty, Crystal, Mary, Becky, September, Susan, Jim, Jenny, Natalie..and I am sure I have missed some here) who helped me clean, weed, deadhead, sweep, loan me their cleaning lady, pick up food, run errands and cook. And then there is my nephew Daniel, who beforehand hauled, raked, and wheel barrelled dirt, rocks and gravel--and at the reception, did the barbecuing. And there is my niece, Emma, who clicked away and manned the photo wall. And Paul and Bruce who gave Sophie her bouquet and an incredible flower arrangement for our piano and provided corsages for my sisters and mother. And sisters who made salads, and clicked their cameras, and greeted the guests and kept me from going crazy...I continue to feel so humbled that I am surrounded by such love.

3. Best meal: That is a hard one. First and foremost I must say the food at Sophie's wedding was pretty good. Someday (soon) I will share some of those recipes. Second, anytime my family gets together we eat. We usually do potluck and have such wonderful meals. So, the meals at Mary's birthday celebration, Easter, my dad's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas stand out in my mind

4. Biggest Event: Inauguration of President Obama. Enough said, period.

5. Biggest mistake: Not starting to sew the dresses for Sophie's wedding sooner. Next wedding (Adeline) will be different. Sorry Sophie.

6. Proudest moment: Adeline's graduation from BYU. Sophie, DZ and I attended her commencement in April and was so happy for her and her tenacity.

7. Biggest adventure: During our trip with our dad to Orlando, Florida, Martha and I spent the day with an incredible guide in our own kayak on the waterways of Cocoa Beach. We saw dolphins and manatees and floated through these incredible mangrove "tunnels". It was magical.

8. Biggest change: Joining the Y and adding an extra three days of exercise (i.e. swimming) to my regime. Adding those additional days has resulted in my body feeling very good for a 55 year old lady. I haven't lost any weight--I guess it has just been rearranged. Inside, I feel 20 years younger. Unfortunately, the outside doesn't follow suit. I continue my battle with Mr. Gravity, where the epidermis droops and the creases increase.

9. Best trip: The trip to Washington D.C. with Adeline and DZ. Adeline wanted to check out graduate schools. This was the first time I have ever been there and we walked until we dropped. The National Gallery of Art is my absolute fave. I found myself skipping to the entrance, I was so excited to go inside and gaze upon the fabulous collections. Visiting the Capital buildings and sitting in on the House of Representative and Senate sessions were captivating. Seeing a glimpse of President Obama's motorcade with helicopters and a zillion black SUV's was thrilling. Gazing at Julia Child's kitchen in the Smithsonian and imagining her making her creations was mesmerizing. I could feel the city dripping with power--and history--and I loved it all. I would go back to visit in a heartbeat.

10. Biggest wish: That DZ will find a new job, that Sophie and David will find a house, that Adeline will be admitted to the graduate school of her choice, that Peter will continue (and complete) his education, and that we all stay healthy and happy. That isn't asking too much is it?
I guess this glimpse turned into a stare.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Karen. Nice memories! Love, Gwen

mj said...

I thought I'd check out your blog now too. :) We're contemplating going to DC this spring to visit the Wades who used to be in the ward. Now I REALLY want to go!

Jeanette said...

Sophie's reception was gorgeous. Your yard is a perfect fairyland setting.

Judy said...

I agree that the garden reception was awesome. You took on a lot of creativity and know that it does take a lot of hands. It should be a side profession for you.