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Monday, December 6, 2010

It Finally Turned

The maple tree outside my front door
Has finally turned ablaze in red/orange.
Heavy rain is predicted
So I expect the tenaciously clinging leaves will be battered by the drops
And the branches will be bare by week's end.
My metal rake is standing on the sidelines
Ready to be put to work.
When we moved in 24 years ago, this tree had been heavily pruned and the top of the branches were just above the gutters on the house.
This is also the tree I had to climb (while 6 months pregnant) to reach a two year old son who had climbed up the tree and onto the roof.
I happened to see his little legs dangling off the roof . A bit scary.

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Molly said...

Why does it not surprise me in the least that you have 3 scales like mine? ;) I had a black one but it was is very sad condition and I replaced it with the green one.

PS--Perhaps I'll post a picture of our bright red maple. It's only about 3 feet tall, but I'm hoping to someday take a picture of it growing tall in our future yard. Just like yours. :)