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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quilt for the Babe

A quilt for little baby Shoe... the front:
And the back:

Done. Finished.
Just in time to be given to the mom to be.
Here is Mrs. Shoe... cute as a button.
Oh... how I can't wait to meet that wee little babe.
Just a little more than two weeks to go.
I feel like a little kid
Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Christmas.

How about a bit of rockin'
And rolling...
So we can get that show on the road.


Judy said...

SO.....beautiful Karen. You have made so many keepsakes for us and your family. They still have them in possession. Each one is a work of art and lively. This is the week of birthdays for certain. Happy birthday Sophie. It looks like a great shower presented

Anonymous said...

I know that Sophie is in labor as I write this...been thinking of your family all day. Can't WAIT to meet the wee bairn! (Hang in there Sophie!!!)

Love, Gwen