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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Domino Effect

It all started with this twin solid maple bed.

You might think this is just a plain ol' ordinary bed
Not to me. No siree.
This is one very special bed
For it is the bed I slept in as a young girl living in Palo Alto
It has an identical twin since it is part of a bunkbed set
When we moved to Los Altos my younger siblings slept in the bed
At one time or another, each of my three children slept in the bed
Since I have changed the "bedroom" into a sewing room
I needed to find a new home for the bed
It was just taking up too much space
I wanted it to go to a good family
So I asked Mr. and Mrs. Shoe
Remember the two will soon welcome a little Shoe
And the little guy would someday need a bed
When he graduates from a crib
But unfortunately no takers
They suggested I sell it on Craigslist
Little do they realize my sentimentality for this bed

My sister suggested that I move the bed into the larger bedroom
So I put Plan B into motion..
Before I could move the bed I had to first....
Empty the large bookcase in the larger bedroom
Move the large bookcase in the larger bedroom away from the wall
Then move the dresser to where the large bookcase used to be
Next take apart the bed and move it to where the dresser was
Then empty and move the small bookcase in the sewing room
Next move the large bookcase to where the small bookcase was
Then move the small bookcase next to the newly moved bed
Next move in the antique armoire given to me by another sister
And place it in the corner
Next move the doctor's cabinet from the kitchen
And place it next to the black/white enamel topped table
Move the teak drop leaf table to the opposite wall
And turn the large white IKEA armoire ninety degrees
Whew..more than a few drops of sweat on my brow
And a wee bit strain on the back
How about a peak of my sewing room now?
Drum roll please...

Check out the plentiful areas for storage
And the unimpeded space to cut, create and sew...
Just need to hook up the tune machine and the television
If you come by for a visit you'll hear some humming
And see some smokin' machines
And don't be a bit surprised if it is difficult to pry me outta here


Adeline said...

where are the pictures of my room? :)

Susan said...

That looks very cozy indeed! Bet you're snug as a bug sewing in that room.