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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Finds

I was driving home from the pool Friday morning and spotted the fluorescent sign with handwritten words:

Garage Sale Today


I usually don't bother with "Garage Sales"...but thought, it is 8:30, I am on my way home, I can simply drive by and check it out. So, without skipping a beat, my car automatically followed the perfectly positioned signs, just like following bread crumbs dropped by Hansel and Gretal.

My hair is dripping, I'll just run a comb through it.
My swim suit is wet under my fuzzy and sweats, but I don't care.
My wallet is full of bills ...and I think to myself, "Maybe, perhaps just maybe, I will find a tiny treasure this morning."

My heart skips a beat or two as I walk up the driveway.
Is this "garage sale" really an estate sale in disguise?
That is OK... but it is not OK to advertise a garage sale as an estate sale when it is a garage sale...you know it when you see it...the people are still living and they are selling all new stuff.

First stop, the garage. The garage where the true bargains lie (or is it "lay"?).
My eyes fell upon this:

My, my, same pink paint as the cradle I just outfitted. I didn't have the heart to leave this doll treasure....and whisked it away into my van.
An hour later, as I am driving down San Antonio, I spot another sign...this time it says:

"Estate Sale"

I couldn't resist.

As always, first stop is the garage. Found this:
The green plaid top is the coolest. I think I will find a spot for it in my potting shed. And then, when we go car camping (that is, if we ever do that again!) I will fold it up and bring it with me along with my vintage water jug.

Next, I swing through the kitchen which has foil wallpaper from the seventies (orange/yellow/gold) on the ceiling and inside the cupboards. The house, stuck in a time warp, hadn't been touched since it was first built (my guess, sometime in the 60's)

Picked up a couple of vintage aprons,
one with butterflies,
the other with cats...to add to my collection.

And spotted these:
Felt so good when my daughter commented, "They look like they came from Anthropologie"...Well, these are the real deal, not a reproduction, and the seven of them cost about the same as one glass at Anthro...which makes them all the better in my book.

It is time to go home and purge...to make room for the new stuff coming in.


Judy said...

Ok....all of these are great finds. I am trying to figure how small the pink chest is. Is it a little kids thing? I want to go saling with you!

Packet of Seeds said...

It is a doll dresser. I should have inserted something in the picture to give it scale. You will have to come see it. By the way, the missing knob is in the drawer...just needs a bigger screw.