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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Rad Rake

Check out my newest find.

I have been keeping my eye out for a rake like this for a while.

When one goes estate sales, one does not have a shopping list in hand like one would if one was going to the grocery store since one never knows what treasures one will come upon. In fact, some sales are a total bust...and one just walks away empty handed (something in which one's family is thanking the heavens, for one's pantry, garage, and house of one who is infected indeed starts bulging at the seams if one does not do a little purging periodically).

You see, each sale is different. In deed, one must be discriminatory in the types of sales one bothers with. One can waste precious time and gas going to busted estate sales. For example, this weekend, one was good and one was "junk".

On our way to the estate sale, my sister and I happened to be talking about things we might be looking for, you know, like furniture, kitchen items, etc...We need none of it but we are both infected with the disease.... The only thing I said was, "I want to find a metal rake".

My sister discovered "the rad rake" at sale #1 leaning against a table in the garage. I exclaimed, "It is perfect!". I promptly wrapped my delicate "little" fingers around it's handle and whisked it away.

It is the best rake ..ever. It is so well designed.
It is the perfect weight...not to heavy...not too light.
It is the perfect width..not to wide...not too narrow.
The prongs are far enough apart to rake up the leaves but the gravel and dirt is left behind.

The sweet, smooth, hardwood handle is the perfect length and diameter.
And who can argue with it's lifetime guarantee (it has already outlived its previous owner and most likely will out last me!) and one buck price?

Oh this rad rake feels so good.

So good, that I pulled it out of my car the minute I got home and immediately set out to rake up my garden. First up were the gravel pathways, then around the raised boxes, then the rose garden, then the brick pathways, then the flower beds, then out front under the camphor trees....I raked until it got too dark (just think, if I had started in the daylight, I might have started raking my neighbors' yards!) I finally ended up with a dozen little piles of organic material.

I am certain you think I am one crazy lady. I must be the only one you know who rakes under the moonlit sky..and one who goes gaga over a rake.


Natalie said...

Momma Judy is here with me and we are laughing over this post. :-D (<---- that's us laughing)

Loved the "delicate little fingers" line.

Natalie said...

From Judy: "I want one, too! I need a rake just like that."

Packet of Seeds said...

I'll keep my eye out for another one. They are there to be had.