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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Caboose

This sweetie patootie is the caboose in our family and today is her birthday.

(Isn't she the most adorable little one on the planet?)

We loved to spoil her, and take care of her.

(Here I am pushing Gwen after church on Sunday way back when.
See those white shoes? I remember polishing them each Sunday before church.)

This little cutie pie turned 48 today.

Gwenny is so much fun, is caring, always thinks of others, remembers everyone's birthdays, comes up with the best birthday/Christmas/anytime cards, loves to travel, is very good at her job (works at Intuit), has two dogs (Dug and Bette) who adore her and she loves them, has an incredible laugh, has the cutest freckles, is married to an absolutely wonderful husband (Johnny).....and is the bookend of our family.

Happy Birthday baby sister...looking forward to your big birthday bash on Saturday.


Natalie said...

Happy birthday Gwen. I loved that banana cake, it was the best!

GwennyMac said...

Ahh...I get a blog post! Thanks Karen!! It was a great day and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Martha said...

Ditto to everything Karen! Sprinkles and sunshine to our most junior Price kid! Let the celebration continue this weekend! Be ready to blow out a lot of candles Gwendle!

Judy said...

I love each of these pictures and remember the times as if it were last week. How we do remember the shoes too. What preparation we took for church. I am amazed how we have so many pictures of us still dressed up in the yard after church. I am prone to getting dressed down very soon after arriving home. Gwen is very thoughtful and caring of us all. We love you and your love of life - Dug ---- I mean Johnny!