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Monday, June 28, 2010

Neighborhood Block Party

My sister did it again.
She is amazing when it comes to putting together an event.
Her neighborhood (the court and surrounding streets) had their 22rd annual block party and for the fifth year in a row it was held at her home.

The neighbors like to have it at Martha's house because her house

1. is situated at the end of the court which makes for safe play for the little kids
2. has a nice long driveway which is perfect for cooking the burgers and dogs and serving the food
3. has the loveliest garden, (between hers and my garden we put together six of these wild and crazy flower arrangements which were placed in "vintage" mason jars..some pics can be viewed here)

My sister knows how to put on fabulous events (remember my daughter's wedding? SHE made that happen) She made flags, bought cute vintage red/white gingham tablecloths, made blackboards from estate sale trays, served food in her 50's/60's style bowls and platters, organized desserts and grill masters, shopped for EVERYTHING (except for the meat for hamburgers/hot dogs), labeled a recycling & garbage station, moved tables and chairs, and made everyone feel so welcome.

She has a most fabulous style, and is the mostest and bestest hostess

I'm taking notes dear sistah.

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