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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Hot Day

So we had one hot day last Saturday (and it was only in the low 80's).

Did you hear the complaining? It has been so long since we've had hot weather, I think we forgot what it felt like.

Really.... I am such a wimp...I am not good in hot weather.

I find it so much easier to get warm by layering ON ...and so much harder to get cool (we don't have air conditioning). There is only so much one can take off without becoming totally immodest. At my age, I prefer modesty.

I have enjoyed our cool spring. ..love the rain... love the cool, and sometimes cold mornings and evenings.... even love the snow in the mountains (especially since I don't live up there!)

I know, I know...the plants and flowers are all mixed up and confused ...their blooming/growing schedule is off by at least a month.

But, just think of the good things that have come from this crazy, cool , and unseasonably rainy spring:

1. more snow pack

2. slower snow melt (less flooding)

3. full reservoirs

4. longer blooming season

5. green hillsides for a longer time (they have now just turned brown)

6. and very happy and comfortable gardeners who enjoy the beautiful weather as they weed, feed and plant in their garden.

Luckily, the heat lasted a day and we are back to our very pleasant, cool and breezy weather.

I so very much love it this way!


Janet said...

I have missed my daily dose of Packet of Seeds! Where have you been .. .. ..fanning yourself during the heat wave? I do thank the west coast for sending us this nice cloud cover for the last couple of days! My house inside got up to 89 degrees a couple days last week. Anyway, don't stay away to long - I love your ramblings and words of wisdom!!!

Packet of Seeds said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Janet...get back on the computer!! :-)


Judy said...

there is nothing like drinking homemade lemonade in the garden that is growing before your eyes on a WARM evening. We haven't had enough of them actually. My legs are still PALE.