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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Sister Had a Birthday

This is how we celebrated my sister's birthday over fifty years ago in Palo Alto.
Price, Mary - birthday in palo alto
Birthday girl in white dress opening presents,
my sisters and I are in the navy blue dresses with the red sashes
Don't you love the cute dresses?

Here we are celebrating a year later
Left to right: Judy, birthday girl, and me
Now we gather at the my sister's home in San Francisco to celebrate her day.

The Birthday Girl
Been doing this for over ten years.

Me and My Sisters
The beautiful sweet peas were given to the birthday girl by my brother.

This year, we had three generations represented, my daughter and niece:
Mrs. Shoe

And my grandbaby and my sister's granddaughter

Baby Shoe

We ate sandwiches

Turkey and ham sandwiches on homemade seven grain bread...yummy and scrumtious

Fruit salad, chips and a variety of bottled juices and sodas.  
(We set up our "picnic" in the living room)


And cookies.



for sisters, for birthdays, and for celebrations.

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