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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Latest Estate Sale Find

I happened upon an estate sale on my way home from the fabric store on Friday
And purchased this swing for ten bucks:

Porch Swing

I was in the middle of a sewing project, so I didn't have time to deal with bringing it home
And made arrangements to pick it up the next day

After our hike, Martha and I were able to fit the seat part into the van
And took the seat home

But the frame...it did not fit...what to do?

Luckily my house is less than a half a mile away
We carried it...yes...the two of us carried it

My sister is awesome...and strong...and bold...and fun.

I plan on transforming this gem into "GranZ's reading swing"
Can't wait to show you "after" pics.


Janet said...

Oh My Goodness! How I would love to have a picture of that! I'm sure there was a whole lot of giggling, stopping to "get a better grip", more giggling and a few huffs and heave ho's! What a pair you tow are. I'm excited to see the finish product. Maybe you will take a photo of you and Martha (I'm guessing it was Martha) sitting in the swing when complete

Janet said...

Duh! The sentance should read What a pair you 'two' are.