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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Went to church and enjoyed the lovely music..

Came home and found this on the couch from the Easter Bunny (aka DZ).  That bunny has terrific taste in candy.. only Sees..yumola.  Here is my dilemma ... none of the three kids live here anymore.  Should I inform the bunny of that fact?  Or should I just let it slide?


To me, Easter is about donning a new spring outfit
Karen in her Easter bonnet...

Karen and Paul...
My brother and I

And sharing the day with the family.  One of my sisters hosted Easter this year...and we had a wonderful afternoon ...

Me and My Grandbabe
Me and my grandbabe

Picnik collage
Egg decorating and more Easter baskets filled with Sees
Easter food
Yummy food
Picnik collage
Fun family
Picnik collage
A hostess with the mostest...for dessert we had strawberry and lemon pies in a jar.
My Parents
My sweet parents...aren't they adorable?
Bruce, Dad and Paul
Bruce, my dad and Paul
Enjoying the sunshine
My sisters and brother (and Fiona) enjoying the sunshine
Happy family...
The Shoes

I love this time of year.

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