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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Grandpa and Scrace Baking Co.in Salt Lake City

My grandpa was a baker.
The Bakers at Scrace Bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah
Check out the flour still clinging to the man's hands on the right.

Just love the picture of my Grandpa standing on the steps in back of Scrace Bakering Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.  These hardworking men with sleeves rolled up and donning wrinkled soiled aprons (except for the young man in front) took a moment out of their busy day to have this picture snapped.

Grandpa Price at Scrace Baking Co.

Front of Scrace Baking Co. on Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah:
My grandpa was very artistic and talented.  He made his own weddng cake:

my parent's wedding cake:

Forbush img125
I understand there were little treats inside the little open door
and my aunt and uncle's cake:

Found this this link from the Utah Historical Society which gives a bit of history about the bakery....  can't wait to find my grandpa's name among Scrace's ledgers and records. Also, I want to hear of my dad's memories of when his dad worked at the bakery.

I love to bake...both my daughters and my son love to bake.  I like to think that the "baking" gene came  from my grandpa.


Natalie said...

No wonder we have so many people in our family that love to bake... it's in our blood! Thanks for sharing the photo - love it.

Martha said...

Mom said the treats in her wedding cake were small tissue wrapped fruit cake.

Dad remembers his dad always made his own icing tubes.