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Friday, October 21, 2011

My Dear Uncle Elden

I have been very sad  for my dear Uncle Elden passed away 
 He was my dad's younger brother and they were very close
Best friends and best buddies.

Both boys joined the Navy in World War II

He was the tallest of his three brothers
My dad, Edward, Norman, Elden and Grandpa Price 
I can just imagine the pride my Grandpa is feeling in this picture

 He fell in love with his dear sweetheart Marcine, and they've been married for 61 years
They are the supreme example of a caring and loving partnership and marriage

Wow...what a handsome dude
 He built many homes including this cottage for his new bride

I believe they called it "Dove Cottage"

He loves his nine children

This picture was given to my parents exactly 40 years ago

My aunt (holding Von) is standing next to my grandma  ..kids left to right Ruth, Terry, Bonnie, Janet and Nancy holding Bonnie's hand
(the pjs were all made by my aunt...she is an amazing seamstress)

And his many many grandchildren and great grandchildren

Oh, I will miss you dear uncle....
You have been a light in my life
And to the thousands who have crossed your path
A pure example of unconditional love and affection
I know your spirit lives
And a wonderful reunion has occurred


Steve Finnell said...

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GwennyMac said...

Love this post and love love love uncle Elden.

I think in the last picture aunt Marcine is holding Von, not Scott? It looks like the kids in the front are Terry, Bonnie, Janet, Ruth, and Nancy?

Judy said...

Uncle Elden and Aunt Marcine are so dear to our whole family. This is great series of photos of them. My heart is with all of the children and grandchildren, spouses and friends that are many. I can not grasp yet that he has passed away since he is larger than life. I believe that he served 4 missions for the LDS church. The mission of family father is the most important in his eyes. Love you Uncle Elden!

Judy in California

Matt said...

I'm really grateful that I was able to meet Elden when Adeline and I were visiting Utah last summer. He was so welcoming and friendly, and their home had a great spirit to it. He was so proud to show us all of his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, whose pictures hung on the wall!

Paul C. Price3 said...

My Dad loved life and I think we can all see that in the photos displayed in this tribute.

Dad made it easy to love him and we are so grateful for the life of this Nobel man/

Thanks to all Paul Charles Price #9

LP said...

Heard you had a nice post about Dad Price. thank you for the neat pictures and I'm glad I got to meet you yesterday:)

Lisa (Paul Charles wife)