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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Stupendous Saturday

My sister Martha and I spent Saturday together
We headed to Santa Cruz to enjoy the most gorgeous weather

And to check out some cool garden shops

First stop was Diggs

A very hip nursery...with unique plants, succulents and air plants.  Next stop was a shop where they have zillions of ceramic pots of all shapes, colors and sizes.  Picked up two handmade pots from Vietnam (the ones with the white glaze)

We crossed the street to grab a bite (or two) of scrumptious Greek cuisine.
And then to Penny Ice Creamery to devour a cone.
Ginger Pear Ice Cream Happiness

Headed to UC Santa Cruz Arboretum to check out their plant sale and picked up some very cool varieties of "Protea" and various other plants.  Do I need more plants?...I am finding it hard to find a spot in my garden to plant them.  Never fear, I will squeeze them in somewhere.

UC Santa Cruz Fall Plant Sale

Loved watching the dozens of surfers at Steamers Lane.

Surfers at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz


Headed up the coast...collected...shells, rocks, driftwood at windy Waddell Beach...
Waddell Beach Kite Surfers and Beach Combing

Snapped each other...

Fun Times with Karen

Dueling Cameras
And checked out the  kite surfers where they were in their element (one of the best beaches for this "crazy" sport... I hear).
Kite Surfers at Waddell Creek Beach

Crossed Highway 1 and strolled along a marsh trail at Waddell Creek

And then hopped back in the car, stopped by Pie Ranch

Pie Ranch Display

Continued north to Pescadero where we had a most deelish meal of crab cioppino and artichoke hearts at Duartes

What a most full, wonderful and stupendous day....I continue to savor the joy
Of  living near such beauty.


Kathryn & Peter said...

Our little family has a trip to the beach planned for tomorrow. I'm inspired by your post and want Tommy to enjoy a gorgeous autumn trip to the coast!

Jeanette said...

You look like you are in total bliss eating that ice cream cone. Love it.

debbiesn1121 said...

You have such a great way of looking at life Martha - I envy that and so appreciate you for it!