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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where Steve Jobs Sat

So sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs

Way too young for such a brilliant man

I've mentioned before how we went to high school together

Here is the corner in the quad at Homestead

Where Steve and his buddies would sit every day for lunch

(there weren't any tables then and people would sit on the wall)

Steve hung out with the "brainy bunch"... Tim Brown, Harvey Martell (had a crush on him one year), Dan (not sure of his first name) Martinez, Mike Sampson, John Ehman and some others

My friends and I sat in the corner on the wall opposite them

I remember watching them spending the entire lunch hour deep in discussions....

I like to think this is the real place where Apple began
Homestead High School graduation 1972

The world will miss you Steve.


Janet said...

I was shocked last night when I read that Steve was gone. What a brilliant man! And little did I know my cousin (also brilliant in my opinion) went to High School and rubbed shoulders with him. I hope Heaven is ready for a reboot!

Judy said...

This is neat insight into his high school past. Steve was a high school grade ahead of me with you Karen in Homestead of 1972. It's an interesting to see photos of where he ate lunch and graduating then going out into the world. He is an amazing person whom set the path for many others.

A sad day for Cupertino area 10-5-11