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Monday, October 31, 2011


I have been wondering....
Is dressing up for Halloween geared more for children?
Or for adults?

Made the prince and princess costumes for a play at my church
And don't you love the fairy godmartha...put together by Martha 

More and more adults dress up as their favorite character these days
For example,I just came home from the grocery store
And every checker was showing their enthusiasm for the holiday

Before DZ and were married
I made these two clown costumes
They sure have come in handy over the past thirty years....

Check out DZ on Saturday

When our kids came along
I turned my attention to making their costumes

Sophie as Rainbow Brite and Peter the "Rabbit"
Adeline as a little dalmation dog
And as a pumpkin
And now the next generation is enjoying dressing up in those very costumes

Peter LOVED dinosaurs...and could name them all...
So he became one for Halloween when he was four
Now little L is following in the footsteps...

For this very fun and festive holiday

Can you get any cuter?

Which is enjoyed by young and old alike


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Natalie said...

What fun! I enjoyed the glimpse to the past seeing your kids in the costumes, I totally remember the rainbow brite one. Thanks again for the use of the costumes. We took the kids to go and see the neighbors and they were so cute. We'll get them back to you soon!