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Friday, October 15, 2010

In the City

we knew it was going to be especially hopping in the City last weekend....

"Fleet week", Columbus Day parade, a 49er game, Blue Angels show, Giants in the playoffs (against Atlanta)...just to name a few.

so to minimize the hunt for a place to park the car and
the incredible traffic we would face...
we decided to park at BART and take public tranportation
into the City
Milbrae was the station we chose
took at least an extra 45 minutes
(note to self, never go to Milbrae, pick up BART in Daly City).
we headed to North Beach (the Italian section of the City)
to watch the parade in honor of Christopher Columbus

The Stanford band was there...can't miss that redwood tree (their mascot)!
oh, by the way, speaking of Stanford
did you see the game on Saturday against USC?
what a nail biter...
caught the last half of the fourth quarter
and what about that ending?
I taped it and have watched it several times
lovely indeed!
that is, as long as you are a Stanford fan
which, I am.

we strolled to Fisherman's Wharf
for a better view of the powerful Blue Angels
one can't help but get goose bumps all over
as those jets roar overhead.
how do they do it?
I mean, without crashing into each other
six planes in the shape of a diamond,
twisting and turning in unison
performing a delicate diamond dance in the sky
my eyes were fixed upward in awe.

caught a free bus (one lucky thing that day)
which was headed right to the
bottom of Market...just where we needed to go.
along with a zillion other people.
unfortunately, we hopped off the bus way too soon.
should have stayed (in spite of the snail's pace it was moving)
because we ended walking over a mile to catch
the BART train to get back to our car.

what an adventure!
I love the City...especially when the weather is eighty degrees.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day Karen. Why did it take an extra 45 minutes in Millbrae?


Packet of Seeds said...

Had to wait for a train, train came, got on, sat there for 10 min., stopped at the airport, and then several stops in between Milbrae and Daly City. UUUGH!Never again.