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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mad Men Convert

I have been converted. Hooked. You name it. I am in.

Each Sunday evening I look forward to watching the newest episode of Mad Men. I am already pining the fact that there are only two episodes left this season. I do have all 12 episodes saved on my DVR...so I can rewatch them when I start going through withdrawals.

It took me three seasons before I caught on. I know, I am slow on the uptake...
I caught up this past summer watching Seasons 1-3, thanks to one of my sisters who has DVDs of all three seasons.

I know there is a bit of "raunchiness" ...lots of drinking, smoking, and "roving eyes"..but I understand that is what it was like in the business world, at least in the big city advertising/marketing world.

The acting is brilliant, the set designs are marvelous (oolala...the mid-century modern ...such attention to detail!), and the fashions are to drool over!

Oh, speaking of the clothes...

I love them. they are timeless...in their own way. Don't you think they could be worn today? In fact, I have almost all of the "Vintage Vogue" patterns and someday when I have time, I plan to sew some of the dresses and jackets from that era.

Did you know that Sally (Don Draper's daughter) and I would be the same age? The casting director who chose her should be given a bonus...I think she does one fine job playing a young girl in the sixties. I had a plaid dress similar to one she wore in one of the episodes early on. Just like Sally, I was crazy about the Beatles too. But I did not have a wealthy father like Don Draper who could obtain tickets to one of those concerts. My best friend, her name was Patty, got some white "Beatle boots"...oh I envied those! She had a twin brother and an older brother...I had one brother and five sisters...so no "Beatle boots" for me!

So, who is your favorite actor/actress? Do your "faves" change from episode to episode? Who do you think is essential each week? I mean, you really miss it if your fave is not in the current episode. I'll let you know my faves next week.


Judy said...

I love the dresses! Could I borrow one very soon?

Judy said...

WHOOPS....I am talking about the pattern. The blue flowered one is what I am thinking of Karen