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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Slug

I have been a slug the last three weeks...

last week I was sick...so no visits to the Y

the week before that, part of the week, I was on a trip,
so no visits to the Y.

the week before that, my sister was busy at work, she couldn't make it

and if she isn't there, it is hard for me to go...
so no visits to the Y.

But I am back...

went swimming both tonight and Monday night
(will go again on Friday too),
that felt oh so good...
since, it has been so hot..
and I am not good in hot.

my sister and I did our routine on the machines on Tuesday

and we will meet tomorrow (Thursday)
so I am back in the game
you know, the exercise five days a week at the Y routine.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Karen...it's always good to have a workout buddy. I have different people for different types of "workouts"...the gym, hike, class, and stairs. (Of course, it makes it harder to say "no I don't feel like it today" to multiple people!)


Judy said...

Great slug! Actually ---- they get annihilated around here watchout. I missed you this weekend and hope you got your wood. Keep up the good swimming. I am having withdrawals not having a warm pool anymore. I need to turn my arms!