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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Ten Things -Trip To Salt Lake City

Nothing is better than spending a weekend away....

had so much fun.

here are my top
1. Being hit by a fabulous aroma of baked bread upon entering my aunt and uncle's home..and seeing the results of her busy morning, i.e. a dozen pints of canned peaches, two dozen rolls, and a batch of peach jam in process.

2. Being instructed by my uncle on the proper way to eat those aforementioned freshly baked rolls (that lucky guy who has had the privilege to eat so many over the years!). You cut open a pocket, place a large dollop of butter (or margarine) inside which quickly melts ( since you have created a pocket, nothing drips out), and then fill that pocket with a hug squirt of Utah honey or homemade jam...mmm good.

3. Staying at the most exquisite hotel the Grand America...
a huge mountain of marble in Italy must have been used in this incredible building!
Oh..you should see the women's locker room oolala...marble everywhere, equipped with shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion all "flavored" with Utah harvested honey (really, I kid you not, it said so on the bottle), the loveliest sauna and steam room, exercise room, and pool with crystal chandeliers and sconces, big puffy white towels, and robes.
The lobby was filled with over sized upholstered furniture
and original art adorned the wood paneled walls.
To set the tone for your stay,
a person would play melodic music on the grand piano as you entered.
Now that is classey!
Did I tell you about our room located on the 20th floor
with a balcony facing north toward downtown?
We could watch the sun rise
over the mountains to the right in the morning
and set over the Salt Flats to the left in the evening.
White carrara marble covered the shower, sinks, and floor...
makes me want to go home and remodel my own bathroom.
What pure luxury...oh how I could really get used to that!

4. Listening to the live performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
perform for the Spoken Word on Sunday morning...
had a front row seat...
those organ pipes are the most beautiful I've ever seen!

5. Getting up real early to swim in the hotel pool...had the pool ALL TO MYSELF!

6. Eating...eating and eating again. Had a wonderful breakfast outside at a place call Flinn...
oh that cool crisp fall clear air felt divine

7. Visiting with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. ..crashing a birthday party, having a barbecue, eating at the top of the old Hotel Utah (now the Joseph Smith Building) and gazing upon the Salt Lake Temple below.

It was so bright from the skylight overhead we needed our sunglass.
8. Spending the day with my brother, dad, and uncle visiting....

grave sites...
We happened to visit my grandpa's grave on his birthday!

places where my dad and uncle lived and played, and listening to their stories.

My dad and his family 80 plus years ago..(my dad is the second from the right next to my uncle on the right)

Here is my dad and his brother now.

9. Doing touristy things, like going the state capitol...

there were beehives everywhere!

Of course, Utah is called the beehive state.

A beehive motif on the elevator doors.

10. And gazing upon the most amazing model of the Salt Lake Temple.

What a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Karen! Makes me want to book a trip out there right now.

(Don't forget to upload all of your pictures on Flickr!)

Love, Gwen

Natalie said...

Wonderful! Opa and I just talked to Uncle Elden right now and I told him how beautiful all those rolls and peaches looked. Thanks for capturing.

Judy said...

What a fantastic time to visit Utah. Thanks for sharing the highlights of the journey to our MOTHERLAND. We love our Aunts and Uncles and cousins there. How did Paul happen to have grandpas picture?

Janet said...

I was so lucky to be on the receiving end of this visit! Thank you Karen, Paul and Uncle Vernon for such a wonderful time chatting, eating, laughing and the hugs all around! EVERYONE please come again real soon!