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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dr.'s Cabinet

I spied you the moment I reached the bottom basement step at the estate sale of the doctor's San Francisco home. There you were tucked away in a dark, musty corner. I had Cherie (the woman in charge) pull you out and I immediately knew I wanted to bring you into the light of a new home. Cherie said, "Thirty-five bucks and it's yours". I immediately responded with "Deal".

I know, the first thing I did was to put you out in the garage. Sorry about that. You must have thought you were pulled out of one dark crowded corner and placed in another one.. The thing is, I just could not decide where to put you.

And anyway, it gave me time to ponder about you. What have you seen over the last 60 plus years? How many times over the years did the nurses and the Dr. open your drawers and cupboards to retrieve gauze, instruments, bandaids, scissors, or paper to write prescription orders? What did you hear the Dr. ?? say to the many patients who sat in the same room as you? So, what is your story?

So, I tried placing you in my kitchen. Instead of housing medical equipment, I thought your black, shiny glass surface would be perfect spot for the telephone, a few cook books and the radio. Your drawers would be a perfect place to put pencils, paper, and paperclips, and your cupboards could house napkins and tablecloths. However, something wasn't quite right.. the scale was wrong and you seemed too small and too low. Sorry, it did not work out there.

Another spot I thought I can put you is upstairs in the study, but that means dragging you up the stairs. To be honest, I am a bit worried about scratching the stairs...you are a bit hefty.

So before doing that, I thought I would try and fit you in my sewing room next to the white/black enamel topped doctor's table where my sewing machines sit. First, I need to do a bit of furniture rearranging, for things are getting a bit tight in there. I think you and my sewing machine table would look good together. The both of you were created for the same purpose, that is... to be in a doctor's office. I will repurpose the two of you and can use you in my sewing room.

I will find a good spot for you to shine ......hold tight for now.

Welcome to your new home.

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Natalie said...

Great find! I can just imagine all of those 1950's medical equipment and those nurses with awesome caps and starched uniforms using it. :)