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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love This Gal

I just love this gal.

Not only because she is my niece...

But I was there (besides her dad and mom, of course)

when she was born.

I almost didn't make it for she was in quite a hurry to make her entrance.
Isn't she the cutest little pincushion you've ever seen?

Her mother sewed dresses not only for her

but also for her doll...so adorable.

She has a wonderful big brother

who adores and protects her.

She just had a birthday...18 is the number

She is an artist...

this is her hand.

(don't you just love those long, slender pencil like fingers?)

She graduated from high school in June

..has a wonderful set of friends
old friends

....is an excellent student

and has now moved into the dorms at Oregon State U

where she started her first day as a freshman college student yesterday.

I really love this gal.

Emma, you go girl...!


Judy said...

Yes....what a great little pincushion! We are proud of her. I can't picture her face without a smile on it. Well, back when she was very small she was glued to her Mom's skirt and couldn't handle having her out of her sight. That is not surprising since Mom is a wonderful Mom. (our sister) Now she is taking the big step and gone to OSU out of state. We are rooting for our favorite BEAVER!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Emma! We love you so much.


Janet said...

Emma's Mom Martha has a cousin who lives in Oregon! Nancy (Price) Clark works at OHSU hospital. Emma should get contact info "just in case" she needs family for Anything! And, Nancy's husband Jim just went to the Beaver vs ???? game! They could have crossed paths - never know!
Kudos' to Emma! Enjoy your college life!

Adeline said...

Oh man. This almost brought tears to my eyes. I love Emma so much! I miss the younger cousin years... like when Emma was terrified of Jurassic Park and my dad. Haha.

Emma said...

Wow Karen, thank you so much for this! I'm having a great time up here! The people are awesome and my classes are going to be hard but definitely interesting! I'm missing California so much....almost all of the people I love are there! Although I love telling people here that I'm a Cali girl because their eyes get all big and ask all sorts of questions about the bay area. I can't wait to see everyone when I'm home for Christmas! I'm looking forward to eating those Parker House Buns and telling everyone how things are here. Miss you and love you Karen!