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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Snapshot From the Forties

A snapshot of my (imaginary) life had I been born 30 years earlier:

This is a cover to a recipe booklet that belonged to my mother-in-law

Had I lived in the forties....
My makeup and coif would be flawless
My nails would be immaculately buffed and polished
My daughters would wear bows in their hair that matched their outfit
My daughters' hair would be impeccably combed
My daughters and I would wear matching aprons (sewn by mawaah)
And my kitchen would be spotless

I'd fit right in..don't you think?

BTW...Sophie's home does have those very cabinets with red lucite handles.


Anonymous said...

I do recall them wearing matching velvet dresses and bows :-)


Anonymous said...

I recall that too Gwen! And I'm pretty sure the only reason my hair wasn't impeccably combed was because I always tried to mess it up! Sorry mom. :( I love my cabinets handles!