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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven Christmas Party

For the past month my kitchen table has been covered in scraps of fabric, thread, tissue paper, glitter, and handmade paper.


I have been busy sewing, gluing, spraying and creating decorations for the Christmas party at my church.

The event happened this past Saturday...decorating began Friday afternoon and continued throughout Saturday.  We transformed the church into a "Winter Wonderland"...

We hung  glittery and sparkling snowflakes in front of the stage curtain...
Ward Party Planners

They really glistened in the lights.
The stage

Check out the entryway..

The entrance to the winter wonderland

I made twenty white felt trees, 15 aqua blue trees, and glittered hundreds of snowflakes to decorate the tables. (there are glass bottles hiding under the trees for support).


The centerpieces

We even decorated the top of the piano with a garland made from coffee filters, tissue and handmade papers.


Lots of tables and chairs.. (seated almost 190)
Lots of tables and chairs....all 175

Here is the serving table/room..my sister brought the manzanita branches down from her property in the Sierras...and then I sprayed them with white paint.


We had a live nativity...with rabbits, goats, chickens, a donkey ,and guinea pigs ...

A live nativity

Check out the stable and manger..kids could dress up as sheperds, wise men, sheep, Mary, or Joseph  and we had a photographer take their picture

The "stable" and a manger

At the end, a youth choir provided us with beautiful melodic music...

Oh such a lovely evening indeed....I can now start decorating my own home.


Janet said...

Wow! You should go into the decorating bisuness! What a beautiful atmosphere you present. I'm sure everyone in attendance left with the Christmas Spirit! Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...
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Janet said...

I misspelled Business - DUH! I hope you know what I meant.

Judy said...

If the food was a great as the decorations then it was an extrodinary event for sure. It sounds like it. Love the felt trees for sure. I will see you tomorrow for sure.

Jeanette said...

Hey, I know that choir! There are many kids from our stake in it! And WOW! You are amazing. Beautiful party.