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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sewing At Home Today

Watched "The Help" the other night and truly loved it.

I might have to pick up the movie so I can really scrutinize all the vintage details...especially the clothes and the set design. Loved those cars. Particularly loved the dress Aibileen wore in the last scene.  Check it out (eventually will try and recreate it).

Anyway, I decided to sew a Vintage Vogue dress...in honor of the movie.

Picked up the pattern long ago (have a huge collection of Vintage Vogue patterns)...and got five yards of dark brown lightweight wool fabric for $7.50 ...that is TOTAL..for the whole 5 yards.  What a bargain!  If I mess up, I won't feel too bad.  Has bound buttonholes...something I've wanted to learn how to do for a long time.

Pinned the pattern last night...and started cutting it out this morning.

Will sew it today while the fam is away.


Shannon said...

And wear it on Sunday? I bet it's going to be gorgeous!

Sophia said...

Did you use your new pin cushion? ;-)