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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Yellow Stripe Seersucker Dress

Look what I finished yesterday.

I thought I would make something cool and airy for my upcoming trip to Atlanta

I haven't been to Atlanta before...but I understand it is steaming hot

So I needed something fresh and flowy

Check out the lace trim along the neckline (already had it in my stash)

I love using things I have

Here is Vintage Vogue pattern I used:

Just love those patterns...you should see my collection

I purchase Vogue patterns at Joanne Fabrics when they are on sale for $3.99

Vogue is my most fave

I purchased the slip/skirt from Target on super duper sale last year (got it for $4.74)

And "remade" it

Cut it down (it was floor length)

Added the layer of lace on the bottom
(which I already had..was a window valance in its previous life)

Whalaa...I can now wear it as a slip underneath my "vintage" dress

Or as a skirt on its own

Love the length

Feels so fun swishing around my legs

I purchased the little white leather belt from Marshalls for $12.99 last night
(spent more on the belt than the fabric!)

I already have some yellow suede shoes from the wedding

Maybe I should pick up a little vintage hat?

And some wrist length white gloves?

Oh..no..I am just kidding about the last two items

Do you think I will fit right in when I go South?


Mary said...

Great job Karen. You will fit right in.

Natalie said...

It's beautiful. You are inspiring me to sew... :)

GwennyMac said...

Love the dress! I think a hat would look fabulous.

If you're near Buckhead, give the OK Cafe a try ... http://www.okcafe.com/index.html ...it's been a few years since I've been to Atlanta, but I remember a deeeelicious dinner there.

Take pics!!

Molly said...

I love it! Looks perfect for hot weather. I want to see a picture of it on!