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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before You Leave For The Airport

Before you jump in your car
And head to the airport
Do you check the status of your scheduled flight?
I checked in online the night before
But didn't think to check in the am
Neither did Mrs. Shoe or DZ
And we paid for it dearly

We arrived at the airport 3 1/2 hours before
Our originally scheduled 1:30 flight
As I checked my big bag
We were informed that our flight was delayed

So...we spent the next 5 hours

reading....talking....napping...making lists...

playing games on the cellphone.....
and playing with this Q-T-PIE

Note to self:


Anonymous said...


We experienced the opposite a year or so ago when we took Ian and his friend to the airport after their mega California road trip. The flight from SFO-Vancouver-London was supposed to take off at 12:45...we got them there by 10:45...2 hours ahead of time...still a bit tight, but doable. Well, at some point...don't know when since I wasn't on the notify list...the airline had canceled the 12:45 flight to Vancouver and put them on the 11:20 (on-time!) flight. Now if they didn't make that flight, they'd miss the flight to London.

They made it. Still don't know how cause they had to check their bags, get boarding passes, and go through security...all in 30 minutes.

Lesson learned...don't rely on a "did you check in?"...call the airline yourself :-).

Anonymous said...

(PS..."...and making lists..." cracked me up :-).)

Judy said...

You made memories. Sometimes they delay the flight at the moment that you are driving to the airport to be on time for your scheduled flight. You didn't do too badly --- That is a nice airport to be stuck/delayed in for sure.

MAX is one cute dude.