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Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Life for a Little Table

Several months ago when I was away on a trip
DZ knocked over a midcentury modern "ceramic table"
Which I thought was in a safe place on our deck outside our bedroom
I was a bit tiffed
For this isn't the first time one of my treasures hit the dust
It took some time
But my sore wounds healed

Instead of throwing it away
I found a spot in my garden for the broken "top"

And recycled an old beat-up hunk of wood
Which in its prior life
Was the top of a work bench in our garage
At my direction
DZ cut down the plank to a fun shape
(I do think he felt bad about breaking my treasure)
And I placed it on top of the "paperclip style" legs

My little table has a new life...what do you think?

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