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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Handmade Pillow For a Special Girl

Do you remember me telling you about this little girl?

Well, she is moving 3100 miles away with her parents

So her dad could attend graduate school at Dartmouth

She has been such a delight in my life

And I will miss seeing her bright smiling face each Sunday

I made this little pillow for her

Used a handmade vintage doily, a decorator's sample of exquisite linen fabric

And some vintage buttons

She will now have a bit of California with her wherever she goes


mj said...

we LOVE it! it will go right on her brand new bed. thanks for taking the time to come over today.

Judy said...

How special...

You have a very clean style of embroidering Karen.

Janet said...

I have followed Little Leah's story ever since you posted the adorable story where you are her helper in Primary. I love it! I enjoy her Mother's writings - on good days and not so good days! Thank you for sharing your friend with us Karen and will you please thank her Dad and Mom for sharing their sweet daughter with us as well. To Little Leah - I'm in your cheering section every single day sweet girl! PS to Karen - the pillow is a treasure!