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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Recycled Potting Bench

It isn't done yet

But I just could not wait to show you...

Ta da...

Look at what DZ and I built this weekend

Well, really DZ did the building

The sawing, measuring, hammering and screwing

I just sat there telling him what I wanted

The cool thing about it..

We reused/reclaimed everything to make it

Did not have to make one trip to the store

How cool is that?

I now have a designated place to pot up my seeds and plants

(I promise to post a pic once it is totally finished)


Molly said...

That really is so cool. I love it!

Judy said...

I am so envious! This will be well used by you. You didn't have to buy a thing and probably more sturdy than anything that one could buy at a garden shop

Mary said...

Beautiful. Don't forget that I have an old marble fireplace mantel to give to you. Maybe you can use it for something similar for your garden.

Packet of Seeds said...

OOOLA LA...are you around this weekend? Perhaps we could come take it off your hands!