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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Decompression Week

Finally delivered the last items I borrowed for the wedding

All except for the grill and a couple of mirrors

Cleaned up the garden and rearranged furniture

Working on finding a spot for the stuff piled on my kitchen table

Have been plucking the faded wedding blooms

And consolidating arrangements

In an attempt to hang onto their beauty

So sad to see them wilt away

Trying to get used to the bigger echo

As I shuffle through this big old house of mine.


Janet said...

Oh but such a beautiful day it was! Did you go to the other open house - I think it was in Georgia? I remember the quietness when I didn't have any more kids at home - my radio became my "conversation friend" just so I would hear some noise. Grab a book and sit in your beautiful yard and enjoy this beautiful sunshine! Sending love your way.

Judy said...

Looking good Karen. I see the little stuffed hearts in their box and all the lovely handmade items. Keep up the good work.