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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Food...Family....and Fun...that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

We started out the day with our annual hike...this year we went to the Stanford Dish. 

"It's a big antenna" -Max
Matt and Adeline

It was wonderful to take in the fresh air on a  most beautiful sunny day. You can see things are quite dry around here still...we need rain....lots of it.

Under a big Oak
Matt and Adeline
Here is everybody sans Matt....he's our photographer. 
Love the backdrop of the California Oak behind us.

Came home and made rolls (I always use the Lion House roll recipe ... it makes the best) and Ina Garten's Ginger cupcakes .


My sister Martha hosted our family gathering and had her home decked out in full autumnal decor. Earlier in the week I put together these arrangement for our centerpiece.

This is my favorite:

She even decorated to welcome the newest member of our family.

I don't think Henry can read this chalkboard yet
Matt and Adeline

The crowning jewel of the evening of course is the food.  Everybody brought a dish to share.
The spread

Duchess Potatoes
Potatoes made my Sophie

Here we are all ready to devour.  So grateful for this bunch.
The whole group
Matt and Adeline
We had to take a bit of a breather after such a scrumptious meal, so the Iphones came out.  So much fun to text and facetime with family who are not with us. We are in the 21st century for sure!

iPhones at thanksgiving dinner

To top off a most wonderful day, we had a scrumptious pumpkin pie made by Adeline...apple pie made by Ms. Costco and my ginger cupcakes.
Hope your day was filled with lots of food .... family.... and fun.


Judy said...

What grand photos of the day of Thanks. I love the close up of the pie piece and all the family with their iphones talking to me!

the centerpieces are great decor. Of course the food is the best. I am glad you have added to the blog again.
love Judy (sister away)

Natalie said...

My comment got lost in the abyss... strange. Anyway, I'll have to try that roll recipe sometime. Looks good!