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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been Very Busy

I have been busy sewing up a storm these past couple of months for a huge production put on by the youth in my church.

I was responsible for costuming the kids in a number from the movie RIO:

Had so much fun making three of these "feather skirts". The girls loved them. IMG_3707

Picnik collage
Here is the rack of RIO costumes (not all of them are here). There were thirty kids in this number.

Oh so colorful!
Also made costumes for a number based on the movie "Tangled"

Picnik collage
Flynn  and Rapunzel

Picnik collage

IMG_3763 IMG_3741 The kids were awesome...and I am so glad I had a part in the production.

Stake Play

I am ready to start cleaning my house after a month of neglect...literally.


mj said...

love it! so sad to miss the production, but happy to see some pictures! it's amazing how many people pitch in to make it all come together. it's great!

Jeanne said...

I've got a 9-year old niece (Doug's dau.) who NEEDS a feather skirt. Do you have some instructions?

Packet of Seeds said...

I made it up. I will try and recreate one (for I know a little girl who would love to have one too) and post the pictures. Super easy.

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