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Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday Afternoon in the City

After devouring our decadent dessert at the Ice Cream Bar (so much fun eating dessert first!) my two sisters and I picked up some take-out lunch from here:

And took it with us to the Legion of Honor(my absolute most favorite museum in the city, by the way)  We found a nice warm spot to eat our sandwiches (I had prosciutto and fig on a sour dough roll...a bottle of Izze) on the grass near the wall overlooking the bay.  We soaked in the warm sun...must have been 70 degrees.

Can you guess who belongs to which shoe?
Don't you think a person's shoes tells a lot about their personality? 
We pulled ourselves off the grass and went inside to see The Cult of Beauty and Children's Books From the Victorian Era.

My favorite painting is the one with the little girl feeding her mother cherries (can't remember the title)....loved the mother's pale pink dress and the little girl's shoes and socks...very sweet.  I think every mother should be fed cherries by her children.

Love the illustration in this book:

Upstairs, some victorian era clothing was on display... snapped a pic of the details on the back of this dress before I was reprimanded by the guard that I wasn't supposed to. I apologized profusely

 Also loved gazing at this beaut visiting from Rome

Visiting from Rome
Medusa ( yes, those "strands of hair" are snakes)
Bernini is one of the most amazing sculptors ever...can you imagine creating such lovliness out of one hunk of marble?

Self Portrait at the Legion
Self portrait in the museum
One very fine day indeed.


Janet said...

I know the yellow shoes are yours Karen; I think the blue keds are Gayle's and the grey brown boots are Martha's? I closed my eyes and imagined that there were 4 sandwiches and 4 spoons in the ice cream because I was there with you during your marvelous day in the city!

Judy said...

Yum and fun....I love the sidewalk man that holds the sign. I will be there with you Janet!!!!