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Thursday, February 9, 2012

All the Right Stuff

Check out the snack foods I brought to work today...do you notice how I use reusable pouches ? 
So environmentally astute, aren't I?

Today's Snack

I've been trying very hard to stay away from the sweetened liquids...
(you know what I am talking about and I admit that I am not quite there yet)
 I keep a bottle of sparkling water in the fridge at work
Filled a nice tall glass with ice... added a couple of wedges of lime

Water at Work

You might think I've trended toward ...do I dare say it? ....vegetarian.

(note: I still love a hunk of prime rib)


Janet said...

I LOVE your bag! What a great idea! I am such a water drinker - I stopped drinking soda hmmmm about 14 years ago and have not missed it! Then I made some changes in my life and stopped drinking coffee (still love it and still crave it, but don't drink it) and I feel good! Kudo's to you dear cousin!

Natalie said...

How fun. Love the bags and I love your new blog design!