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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Red/Black Plaid Picnic Bag Re-purposed Into A Camera Bag

The other day I was talking to my sister about getting a camera bag for the new camera I just received for  Christmas (best present and surprise ever).  Thank you very much dear sister for saving me from spending almost $200 on one of these ....

Inspiration popped in and I came up with the idea of transforming this red plaid vintage picnic bag (which I picked up at an estate sale for a couple of bucks) into a camera bag:

I love the red plaid...from the fifties and so easy to spot.

I previously used this as a "lunch pail".

I took the felted yellow sweater I picked up at the Goodwill, some 1/2" foam, and some grey and yellow polka dot flannel (oh how I love polka dots):

Didn't use a pattern...just outlined the bag on craft paper and cut out the pieces.  When sewing "free form" like this, I go bigger than I think I need ...you can always trim ..trust me, it is too hard to  put  pieces back together.

Used almost the entire sweater...including the sleeves and the ribbing.  Love to use things up, don't you?
And whaalaa...I now place the loveliest of all cameras in this soft-warm-fuzzy-cozy bag for transporting or for those times my fabulous camera is not strapped around my neck or is in the clutches of my hands.

There is room for an extra lens (maybe someday) and other accessories. 
 Just need to make a shoulder strap for it..still working on that.
I  store the charger and cord in this cute little "vintage-like" bag which I found at Daiso.

Now, if you were a camera, wouldn't you want to "live" in a bag like this?



Molly said...

Oh neat! I was wondering what you were going to do with those sweaters!

Matt said...

I too was confused about the felting of sweaters, but now I'm kinda jealous of your camera bag!