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Monday, January 16, 2012

Found The Garage Floor

Anyone who has been to my house over the past years would find a closed garage door.  Our houses don't have basements in this part of California (oh how I wish I did!) so our garages  become over sized storage rooms aka places to put our junk.  My garage has been the king of all junk rooms. All that clutter and stuff   embarrassed me ... I hated for anybody see this and would always try to keep my garage door closed.

I did tons of purging, tossing and tedious organizing, had a quick garage sale, and made many trips to the Goodwill (because most of the stuff is mine)...
Car Headed to the Goodwill

And tadaa...check out the hefty piece of concrete real estate DZ and I exposed on Saturday:

Found the Concrete
There is more to do...but lo and behold...right now there is enough space to dance a jig ...or to  park a car (a small one)...imagine that...parking a car in your garage!  Such a novel idea indeed.

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Judy said...

That's fantastic Karen,

I am impressed. It is hard for me to get into cleaning a garage when it is so cold in the garage. I am so happy when the sun shine right inside and makes it warm.

I love your camera bag retro style!