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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Graduation Caps For Little Ones


Aren't these the most a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. kids on the planet?

I lead the singing  in the nursery at my church.  The kids who are three by January "graduate" into Primary (similar to Sunday School) so I made little graduation hats for each of them.  The hats were so quick and easy to make..let me show you how:

Materials Needed:

1. 7x7 white cardstock (or any color you choose which matches the bowl in no.2) 
2. paper bowl (soup bowl size)
3. brad
4. 10"piece of ribbon or yarn

I didn't have gold yarn so I raided my craft closet for the golden ribbon. Tie a knot about an inch from one end and cut the ribbon to make it look like fringe.

Trim off the rim of the paper bowl.

Staple the non fringed end of ribbon to the center of the 7 x 7 square of cardstock.

Take a pair of scissors and poke a small hole through both the middle of the card stock (be sure to avoid poking through the ribbon tassle) and the bowl.

Place the square of card stock on top of what used to be the bottom of the bowl. Push the brad through both the bowl and cardstock.  I just glued the two pieces together and didn't use the brad, thinking the glue was enough, but several hats came apart so make sure you use the brad.  The brad keeps the two pieces together.  

Whalaaa...you have yourself one cute little "graduation" cap for your nursery or preschool child.

The hats can come off the wee one's little head so if you are worried that your wee one will have a meltdown you could attach some string and tie it around his/her chin.  We just had the kids hold their hat if it fell off.


Janet said...

That is just way COOL! My little Sunbeams graduated and I got a whole bundle of new wiggly Sunbeams - 13 in all! Count them! 13! I'm going to remember this for the end of the year! Thanks for a great idea!

Judy said...

Thanks Karen,

I have 5 and 6 year olds and can use something to make them feel special. Janet....you are a super trooper!! W"OW 13 sunbeams in one class.