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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Visit From Sweet Adeline

Had a lovely week long visit from Sweet Adeline
Love the air of exuberance she brings
A lot was accomplished (BTW...we have 14 weeks to go until the big day)

We shopped for...

* a wedding dress (not to purchase, just to find the style)

* the fabric for the aforementioned wedding dress
(I am designing it based what she tried on)

* invitations (decided on the style)

* and a pair of shoes (did this online)

We met with the wonderful caterer (decided on the menu)

Miss A and Mr. L made a visit to William Sonoma and Crate & Barrell
And had a session with a photographer.

The crowning jewel occurred on Friday...
where we went to the temple in Oakland ...a first for dear Sweet A

Nothing finer than to be with my girls....and their main squeeze(s)
Photo courtesy of Matt..thanks.


Judy said...

What a beautiful day to be there. What plans ahead. I am certain that Great Uncle Arthur is joyous to know that you were all there. Whenever I see the straight on view of the Oakland temple I can't help but think of this wonderful man that made certain it was built CORRECTLY.

Thanks for sharing this day with us.

Natalie said...

Adeline looks so beautiful and happy! I have the day marked down and I am in great anticipation of what is sure to be a joyous day.

Love the dress! I like the curviness of it.