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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Bed

I do not like my bed

For one, it is old.

I have nothing against being old

It's just that beds do have a shelf life

And my bed is long past it's allotted time

It is flat as a pancake and hard as a board

Every time DZ gets up in the night

(By the way, he does that quite often)

I awaken from my slumber

I want a new bed

Where one can jump up and down on one side

And the glass filled with wine does not spill

Or the kind you find at the finest hotels

Like these beds in Monterey:

<span class=
Thanks to Gwen for taking these pics.

our rooms at the hotel.
Where the bed is not too soft, and not to firm...just right

Where your 500 count sheets and duvet cover

Envelop you like a cocoon

Where you are not awakened every time the one on the other side moves

Where you sleep as sound as a baby

And feel refreshed and revitalized

When morning rolls around

I want a new bed


Sophia said...

Get one! :)

Anonymous said...

A good mattress will change your (sleeping) life for the better...1/3 of your life! (That and those 500-count sheets!) Go shopping!

Judy said...

You might want to try one of the super comfort tops from costco until you can get a new bed. It worked for me for a couple of years. They are really comfy!

I loved that Monterey hotel getaway...