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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banana Car

Saw this ugly car on my way home from the gym this morning

Don't care if the Lamborghini's price tag is six figures

It is still ugly

Especially that color...yellow?

It looks as if your are driving a squashed banana



Molly said...


Anonymous said...

now that's a "mid-life crisis" car if i've ever seen one!

mj said...

haha. i have a friend who used to have a black or silver car (something pretty common) and it was backed into or hit multiple times. so, he decided to buy a yellow car so people would SEE him and his car could avoid damage. it's worked. he's had it for a few years and hasn't been hit once. :)

Judy said...

IT is ugly but I am sure it is fun to drive. It looks very bad for peripheral vision control.