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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Last Sunday in February

In spite of the cold temps

(I know, we are a bunch of wimps when our temps dip below 40)

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday in my yard...

Weeding, planting, moving rocks, transplanting, and raking.

I donned my warm jacket this morning to do a little snapping
(it was 44 degrees at 7:30...it felt like 34 degrees)

So I could share some blooming delights that give me such joy.

Crocus...usually the first to bloom..and a sure sign of the arrival of spring.
They are late this year.

Daffodils (Cheerfulness) blooming next to my front path.
(Note the yellow specks in the lower left are crocus peering from the soil)

Now, how can you keep from smiling after gazing upon bright sunny King Alfred daffodils?

I simply love my clematis vine clinging to the side fence

Bursting with beautiful fragrant blooms...

This is why I love to garden.


Janet said...

I'm jealous! Jealous of the beautiful warm sunshine you experiance (even when your temps dip to 40). I think we may hit 45/50 today, but that is with piles of snow still on the ground! I won't see my daff's or tulips until late March early April. So . . . I think its OK that I have jealous thoughts - don't you think? Regardless, you have a beautiful garden and a green thumb!

Molly said...

Love it. :)